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It’s easy to join the People’s Energy Group so that our cooperative buying power can achieve lower cost fuels for our homes and businesses. The larger our group, the greater our ability to negotiate lower rates for us all.


If you use propane or fuel/heating oil for heat, hot water, cooking, a dryer, generator or fireplace, this group can save you money! 


Future membership discount programs will also include wood pellets and firewood.

Membership Fees

Refer a friend,
receive a year free

Refer just one person as new member on your application or renewal and receive a free membership for one address through the end of April of the upcoming year.


Your referral must live in one of the counties we service (Fulton, Montgomery, Saratoga, Warren, or Washington).

Residential Membership

Join in August:
$3 per month x 9 for Aug. through April = $27

Join in November:
$3 per month x 6 for Nov. through April = $18

Join in February:
$3 per month x 3 for Feb. through April = $9

Business Membership

Join in August:
$4 per month x 9 for Aug. through April = $36

Join in November:
$4 per month x6 for Nov. through April = $24

Join in February:
$4 per month x3 for Feb. through April = $12

Important Membership Information

Pro-Rated Membership

Our annual membership starts each May 1st and ends on April 30th of the following year. Your first year is pro-rated based on the month in which you join, this way you don’t pay for any month prior to becoming a member. Each month in your first year equals $3(residential) or $4(business) running through the next April 30th paid in just one payment. 

Multiple Delivery Addresses

If you have multiple addresses, each one requires a membership to receive the benefits at that address. But, multiple addresses can be combined to one account to have your total fuel usage aggregated together, so that you receive the lowest rate for your fuel pricing and a reduced rate on the membership dues (homes & commercial addresses can be combined together too!).

For multiple delivery addresses, the Group offers a 33% discount for each additional location. Residential dues for each added address are reduced from $36 per year down to $24, and business from $48 to $36 (if a residence & business are on one account, the normal business fee is due and the residential address is discounted).

We also believe it’s only fair to provide members pro-rated pricing on additional addresses as well when added only part way through our calendar year. To calculate your price per new address, divide the discounted yearly cost (residential $24 or business $36) by 12, then multiple by the number of months left until April 30th. Add this amount to your primary residence or business fee for your final membership dues total.

Military Discount

Those currently serving in our U.S. Armed Forces & their spouses, or people 65 years or older, and anyone currently employed as a Firefighter or in Law Enforcement, are exempt from the yearly group membership fee for one delivery address on their account (proof of qualification required, annually for all except those over 65).

Refunds and Bank Charges

All People’s Energy Group membership costs are non-refundable. Discounted services and products offered via the People’s Energy Group carry the vendor/manufacturers refund policy (please check their policies before purchasing). All membership rates, timelines and services are subject to change. Our bank charges $25 per check as a return fee, if this occurs we would need to charge this amount back to you in addition to your then outstanding payment.

Fuel Pricing

People's Energy Group Fuel Pricing

Wholesale Spot Price

+ Group Reduced Rate (based on your annual use in gallons

& if you own your own tank or use a provider tank)

= Your Discounted Membership Price*

Wholesale Spot Price $1.086 per gallon *

*Pricing as of 12/19/2022

Gallons Used Per Year







Supplier Provided Tank

+ $2.35 per gallon  


+ $1.50 per gallon


+ $0.95 per gallon


+ $0.85 per gallon


+ $0.65 per gallon


+ $0.45 per gallon  

Member Owned Tank

+ $2.05 per gallon  

+ $1.20 per gallon


+ $0.65 per gallon


+ $0.55 per gallon


+ $0.35 per gallon


+ $0.35 per gallon

Fuel Pricing Information

The rates above are based on auto-fill status, ‘will call’ members pricing is $0.10 per gallon more in each usage range. We reserve the right to change pricing information without advance notice.

Looking for historical Selkirk wholesale prices on propane? Find those along with other helpful articles on our Facebook page. 

Our Group discounted price for propane is based on the same Selkirk wholesale (rack/spot) price that all local suppliers use (it’s the main propane distribution terminal for the Albany Capital region & beyond). People’s Energy Group not only offers the lowest margin ranges added to the Selkirk cost for your price, it’s also a fixed rate secured by our multi-year contract and will always be published here for fairness and review.

We could save you up to $1 per gallon

Just like our Group’s volume buying power, the more YOU use, the more YOU can save! When comparing the People’s Energy Group propane price to NYSERDA’s Capital District region weekly average (they document based on 1100+ gals used per year at credit price), our rate can be up to $1 per gallon cheaper! (links to NYSERDA’s published propane price data at the bottom of this page).

Even if our rate is just $0.25 cents lower per gallon than NYSERDA’s average and you used only half of the solicited amount they survey for local area propane rates, (550 gallons per year) the People’s Energy Group could still save you over $100!


In addition to low & stable propane pricing, you will NOT be charged for items such as:

(*except for delivery emergencies, after hour requests or off-route situations)

  • Regulatory Fees
  • Tank Rental or Leasing Costs

  • Tank Hookup to Existing Lines

  • Safety Gas Check*

  • Scheduled Delivery Charges*

New York Fuel Price Reference


The following links review the (NYSERDA) New York State Energy Research and Development Authority’s AVERAGED price of propane for the Capital region of New York (including counties in our service area; Fulton, Montgomery, Saratoga & Washington).

(NYSERDA surveys full service residential customers for credit price and states that typically these accounts use 1,100 or more gallons of propane)

NYSERDA Monthly Avg. Propane Price Chart

NYSERDA Weekly Avg. Propane Price Chart

“NYSERDA, a New York State public benefit corporation, offers objective information and analysis, innovative programs, technical expertise and funding to help New Yorkers increase energy efficiency, save money, use renewable energy, and reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. NYSERDA professionals work to protect our environment and create clean-energy jobs. NYSERDA has been developing partnerships to advance innovative energy solutions in New York since 1975.”

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