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  • What is a fuel buying group?
    Also known as a cooperative / co-op, a buying group is a collective of people, whether residential or businesses, who band together to use our total purchase power to receive discounts on a variety of services and products. The People’s Energy Group is primarily focused on using our membership to receive lower costs on propane and fuel/heating oil delivery while also actively seeking discounts on wood & wood pellets to help everyone save money.
  • Why should I join?
    As the People’s Energy Group’s slogan goes: “United We Save, Divided We Pay”... bonding together to leverage our fuel usage as a group allows us to buy at a bulk rate and provide a lower cost for everyone. In addition, we can utilize our Group to receive discounts on other services which would be appealing and/or useful to our membership (items such as: home/business maintenance & services, trash collection, various entertainment ticket prices, warehouse clubs, etc..). We also will donate to local charities in our community and help benefit those in need.
  • Is this group open to individuals and businesses?
    We offer our low cost buying rates and additional discounted services to everyone. If you are a business owner who also wishes to include your home(s) and/or rental properties on one account, we can conveniently set this up for you.
  • How many locations can be covered with my membership?
    Your annual membership to the People’s Energy Group allows you to receive our discounted fuel delivery and other services for one address. For each additional location you wish to include, we offer a 33% discount, which can be pro-rated during your first year (full year discount saving is $12 per address a year for residential & $16 per address a year for businesses). All addresses would be put together for just one payment (residential & businesses can be combined).
  • Can I only receive fuel from the group?
    If you own your tank you will have the option to purchase fuel from another provider (please remember, the more gallons our group uses from our supplier(s), the better pricing we can negotiate in a future contract). If you have a tank from our Group’s supplier, then you would receive your discounted fuel only from them as it is common industry practice for providers to not deliver and fill other company’s tanks.
  • Who do I pay for fuel?
    The fuel providing company will handle all of your billing services and your payments will go directly to them. Their offer(s) of payment types and schedule frequency are what will determine how & when you make your payment and receive your fuel. Only your annual membership fee is paid to the People’s Energy Group.
  • What is and/or do we offer pre-buy fixed fuel pricing?
    Pre-buy fixed fuel pricing is an advanced price & volume commitment to purchase your seasonal fuel supply. We will be working with our propane & fuel/heating oil supplier(s) to see if this option can be offered. Please remember that our discounted Group rate can often be lower than the fixed pre-buy cost and there is no guarantee which option may work out better for the season. As a member, if you make a pre-buy which does not meet your fuel needs, you will still be entitled to buy additional fuel at our discounted rate.
  • Who is the fuel provider?
    People's Energy Group partners with Superior Plus to provide you with affordable, reliable propane. Visit their website at:
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